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While most college consulting companies place focus on molding students into what they think will impress admissions officers, our unique College Readiness package takes a different, more holistic approach to college admissions that leaves students feeling confident in their authentic selves.

We view college admissions as a road to self-discovery and lifelong learning, which is the basis of our College Readiness package. Our team from Ivy League and other top institutions will work with your child to design an individualized plan for college admissions that brings out his or her unique strengths rather than simply pandering to admissions officers.

With Invictus Prep, students learn to present their most authentic selves to admissions officers to become genuine, interesting people with life-long passions that will guide their futures. 

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“At Invictus Prep, we are committed to helping students do what they love without the pressure of ‘what admissions officers are looking for.’ Our most committed students achieve their dreams by spending their lives doing whatever it is that gives them the most fulfillment, and it is this genuine passion that will land them that offer from their dream school.”
- Liza Libes | Founder & CEO of Invictus Prep

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Our Unique Three-In-One Strategy

College Essay Consulting

We pride ourselves on working with students to craft powerful essays that present their authentic selves to admissions officers. Our Specialists have years of experience helping students get accepted into their dream schools and will help your child write compelling personal statements and supplemental essays through our tailored College Essay Program.

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Narrative Building

Your child's narrative is the story we will tell colleges. Our Specialists help students create a narrative that showcases their strengths and talents across their essays, letters of recommendations, extracurricular activities, awards, resume, and more. This helps college admissions officers get to know your child on a personal level and understand what makes them unique. 

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Career Coaching

A unique component of our College Readiness service is preparation for college and beyond. Our Specialists work with students to determine their college majors, perfect their resume, apply for summer programs, and obtain research opportunities. With our Career Coaching, your child will learn to identify his or her drive in order to create a roadmap for the future.

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