INVICTUS preparatory charter school

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Our Commitment...

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Invictus Prep is a free public charter school with a single vision – success for all students today, tomorrow, and into their bright futures. Our definition of success includes not only academic growth and achievement, but also character development and self-efficacy.
Character development is a movement that supports the social, emotional, and ethical development of students. Our core values are integrity, courage, excellence, and determination. We believe in honesty and the brave pursuit of excellence, even in the face of challenges. 
Self-efficacy is one's belief in one's own ability to accomplish goals; in other words, self-efficacy is believing in yourself! Teaching self-efficacy results in our scholars reflecting confidence in their ability to exert control over their own motivations, behaviors, and environments. Self-efficacy means our scholars are unstoppable!
Our commitment to whole-child education includes strong leadership in developing interpersonal skills, and attention to emotional health. We engage our scholars in a variety of activities – academic, artistic, musical, and athletic  – so that the four formative years they spend at Invictus Prep are meaningful and rich with growing experiences.