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At Invictus Prep, we are committed to developing the whole child, and providing opportunities for growth beyond the classroom. We celebrate the uniqueness of each child, and we believe that children learn through movement and exploration. Our well-rounded team of educators is equipped to instill curiosity and courage as we lead students to discover areas of the visual, performing, and digital arts.

We have integrated multimedia art, music, dance, and photography, and hip-hop / spoken word into our daily schedule. We encourage and equip students to explore various styles of artistic expression, and we provide ample opportunities for them to discover new ways to tell their stories.

Visual Art

The visual art curriculum incorporates many styles and techniques, including painting, drawing, sculpting, and mixed media. Social and historical themes are woven through the art curriculum. Scholars are encouraged to express their own personal style and perspective. We regularly display the artistic work of our artists and celebrate their accomplishments.


Invictus Prep's music program works in conjunction with a fantastic NYC-based youth music program called Young Voices Big Sounds. The mission of YVBS is to empower youth through musical expression. Our young musicians are given the opportunity to explore music history and theory, and to perform for the school community.


Styles of dance from around the world are explored in a social-historical context and then practiced by our dancers. Invictus Prep’s dance instructor is active in New York’s performing arts community as an actress, dancer, director, and choreographer. Elements of stage performance are incorporated into dance instruction, and our dancers then have the opportunity to choreograph and perform for the school community.


There are so many great things happening at Invictus Prep that we keep a professional photographer and videographer on staff to capture them! Photography classes are offered in the afternoons for scholars with an interest in digital photography. We equip our photographers with state of the art cameras, instruct them on image composition and the technical elements of the art, and then release them to capture the world as they see it. Scholars explore the creative as well as photojournalistic elements of media arts.

Hip-Hop / Spoken Word

The Invictus Hip Hop / Spoken Word course is designed to empower students to use their authentic voices in writing and public speaking, using poetry and hip hop. Students are analyzing and reciting poetry from pioneers such as Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes, while absorbing techniques that support them in writing and performing original pieces in spoken word.  Students are also using the art of emceeing to address social and political issues through writing and rapping.  In addition to performing in school shows, students are building a musical portfolio that encourages students to write, rap, and sing songs that promote positivity.