INVICTUS preparatory charter school

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Invictus Preparatory Charter School teaches all 5th through 8th grade scholars using Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s GO Math!® curriculum, an engaging and interactive program tightly aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Its practical student workbooks ensure scholars have access to critical content and resources at appropriate levels of depth and rigor. Using a wealth of differentiated instruction and technology resources to ensure the depth of instruction required for scholars’ success in high school, college and beyond, GO Math!® uses a revolutionary and progressive approach to real-life problem solving and self-directed learning. Invictus Prep scholars receive 70 minutes of daily mathematics instruction, and an additional 70 minutes of daily differentiated mathematics support toward skills mastery. 

English Language Arts 

Commissioned by New York State and aligned to the Common Core State Standards, Invictus Preparatory Charter School scholars learn English Language Arts through the Expeditionary Learning curriculum. Our scholars are immersed in rigorous, social justice curriculum through four learning modules. Each module is taught over eight weeks, and comprised of three units, including six to twenty lessons that link reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Invictus Prep scholars receive 70 minutes of daily English Language Arts instruction, and an additional 70 minutes of daily differentiated ELA support toward skills mastery. 


Invictus Prep scholars learn history through an engaging, Common Core State Standards aligned program called History Alive, which includes: online lessons, student handouts, assessment tools, and enrichment resources, which give our scholars the tools needed to turn their history classrooms into engaging and stimulating experiences. Invictus Prep scholars receive 70 minutes of daily science instruction.


Invictus Prep scholars learn science through Pearson’s Interactive Science Middle School program, which features innovative, hands-on labs, and a write-in student workbook that makes learning personal, relevant, and engaging. Invictus Prep scholars receive 70 minutes of daily science instruction.

Physical Education & Health

Every Invictus Prep scholar receives one to two hours of physical fitness education per week. The Physical Education curriculum covers a variety of cooperative sports and team-building activities, as well as fitness testing and progress monitoring. Every 8th grader receives one semester of Health class, covering physical, mental, social and emotional health topics; and prevention courses covering violence, drug and alcohol use, and disease prevention. Additionally, 8th graders practice yoga and meditation once per week.