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Invictus Summer Camp is “So NYC!”

School may be out for summer, but IPCS is amazing year round! This year's summer program is themed "That's So NYC," and scholars are enjoying a variety of trips and enrichment activities that celebrate our city. 

Each year, our summer camp is designed to include Leadership training, STEM enrichment, physical fitness, opportunities to build and create, and time to explore new places.

The STEM component of this year’s “That’s So NYC” program focuses on Engineering, and scholars are building replicas of the iconic bridges and skyscrapers that make our skyline recognizable.

The Leadership portion of the program allows students to develop a business plan for a souvenir shop or food truck! All students have art and cooking classes where they manufacture the products for their proposed businesses. For example, in The Melting Pot Restaurant, students are learning to prepare famous NYC foods like pizza, cheesecake, pastrami on rye, and the Waldorf salad. In the Graffiti Life art studio, students are getting creative with street art, creating backpacks, street signs, and other items! 

Each week, scholars participate in Spirit Days! Some examples are “NY Sports Day” where you’ll see lots of Yankees and Giants gear, “Rep Your Borough Day” (Hello Brooklyn!), “Wall Street Executive Day,” “NY Celebrity Day,” and many more. Mondays are reserved for scholars to participate in clubs of their choice, which allows them to build relationships with other students who share their interests and hobbies.

Wednesdays are dedicated to getting the body moving while having fun! On Wednesdays, campers are divided into 5 teams representing the 5 boroughs of NYC, to compete in various city-themed activities, like the New York Marathon, the Water Hydrant Olympics, the NY Globetrotters showcase, the Subway Series, and Survival of the Fittest obstacle course.

Of course, exploring different corners of our incredible city is central to this summer’s theme. Twice a week, scholars explore famous NYC sites. During these excursions, they get to sample foods iconic to the city.

Ms. Kirnon is the Director of our Summer Camp Program and, as always, relies on her strong curriculum development background and knack for all things creative to build a program that engages students in fun activities while capitalizing on opportunities for academic and personal growth. Research shows that kids learn well through play, and Invictus Prep is dedicated to engaging scholars in fun, enriching activities throughout the summer months, and all year round! Source: Why Students Learn Better in a Playful Environment