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Reaching for the Stars!

We are beaming with pride as we congratulate 8th grader Nichole Fernandez on her acceptance to The Berkeley Carroll School. Berkeley Carroll is a prestigious private high school in the heart of Brooklyn that Nichole has described as "an inclusive and welcoming community with an incredibly strong science and arts program." Berkeley Carroll also offers an impressive global education program, providing numerous opportunities for international travel and volunteer work abroad. Nichole says Berkeley Carroll is her "dream school," and she has worked very hard to make her dream a reality.
Nichole has been an integral part of the Invictus Prep community since 2013, when she joined us as a quiet 5th grader. Always focused and conscientious, Nichole has grown tremendously as an individual, establishing herself as an academic leader and a genuine example of Invictus Prep's Core Values. True leaders lend themselves to helping others succeed, and this is certainly descriptive of Nichole. Nichole has demonstrated academic mastery, exceptional personal management, and a reputation characterized by kindness, humility, and helpfulness.
Since she was a 6th grader, Nichole has participated in the TEAK Fellowship Program, aimed at helping low-income kids in NYC achieve their goals of admission to private high schools and colleges. An important tenet of TEAK is their focus on integration and equity in education. Involvement in TEAK requires many extracurricular hours of work, which Nichole completed earnestly, with her "dream school" in sight -- and come Fall, she will be living her dream!
Q&A with Nichole
Q: What are you most looking forward to about attending Berkeley Carroll?
A: I am looking forward to expanding my horizons. I am going to learn about robotics and acting and many other things I've never had a chance to do.
Q: What will you miss most about Invictus Prep?
A: I will miss my friends and teachers the most. I have been at Invictus since 5th grade, and we've gotten really close. It's going to be a little scary to be without them for the first time.
Q: What are your college and career plans?
A: As for college, I am planning to attend either Yale or Stanford, because they are both prestigious universities that will help me get to where I want to be. As for my career, I plan to work in the field of computer science and engineering, or in graphic design. I definitely want to do something with computers.
Lastly, Nichole expressed her gratitude to the staff and teachers of Invictus Prep: "Thank you for always being supportive of me!" It has been our absolute pleasure to invest in and witness the academic and personal growth that Nichole has achieved, and we are thrilled for her bright and exciting future!
Nichole tutors a fellow student in math.